About Vince

Hi! I’m Vincent Olaer “Vince” for short and I’m the guy behind many WordPress sites out there.

I build websites, manage team, lead  a church, and do humanitarian work.

I’m one of the guys behind Online Influence, an Australian based website making company.  I work on managing projects, website set up and planning. Techie, websavvy, or whatever you call me, I am someone who enjoys working at home in front of the computer. I am a seasoned blogger, and a VA Coach. I’ve been building websites and assisting people in creating their websites for the past 7 years.

I am the owner and the blogger behind www.TheDisciplers.com and www.OfficiallyDiabetic.com. The first is all my religion, faith and spirituality since my first and main profession is pastoring.

The second blog is all about being diabetic and how to live a healthy life even if you are diabetic. My entire family is diabetic, so I know the pains and the struggles of being diabetic.

As my gift for visiting my website, feel free to download my eBook on the right side.