Ormoc Lighthouse Website

Ormoc Lighthouse Website

I built this website for our church. Website is now very important to churches these days. It’s not only beneficial for showcasing your ministries to other people, but it is also an integral part in fund raising and project implementation.


  • Slider
  • Donation Box
  • Prayer Request Form
  • Tabs on the front page

Ormoc Lighthouse



  • Website builder
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing

You can visit the main site here.

BlogToolsDepot.com Update

BlogToolsDepot.com Update

A couple of weeks ago, I tried working on my another website, it is called “www.blogtoolsdepot.com”. It will be my internet marketing tutorials. It will be a portfolio of the tools that I have been using to be successful in my “online” full time job.

This is really a dream of having a full time job while staying at home. And that dream was already fulfilled and now I can claim with full confidence that I am now a “PRO…” SEO expert. I was able to rank many keywords in page one of Google (please email me if you want to ask about it).

In my upcoming website, you will get free tips of how to build website, pro SEO expert, and how to make money online. You will also learn really serious tips on how to become successful online using what the professionals have been using.

So, if you are reading this now, check out and subscribe to my updates on my www.blogtoolsdepot.com and begin building your own brand and online business.


Next Project: How To Build Aquarium Website

Next Project: How To Build Aquarium Website

There will be a new and upcoming website project that I will working on. It will be about building acquarium website.
Here are some of the things that will appear on this project:
– Live plants vs Artificial Plant
– Benefits of Live Plants and Corals for the Aquarium
– What is the Difference Between Aquatic and Marine Aquarium And Which One is Better
– How To Start Nature Aquatic Aquarium
– How To Start a Marine Aquarium
– Things Needed or Live Aquariums
It’s a little bit exciting because this is the my first website that has a well defined and targeted niche.
So wait when it is up and you will see how beautiful they are.

Abra cadabra… Here’s the new website:

Nature Aquariums