Most themes and frameworks these days have their own way of adding various codes like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and other tracking codes like that of Facebook. So why in the world do you need another plugin to add this code?

The answer is very simple. First, not all themes and frameworks have that feature. So it means that in some themes, there is really a need for you to add a plugin that add codes in header and footer in WordPress site.  Secondly, if you want to go to the path of non-theme dependent for this kind of feature, then better to add a plugin like this.

The question is what is the plugin to use to achieve this? In my investigation, there are two choice plugins to use. The first one is the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. This is made by the WPBeginner. If all you have to do is to add the code applicable for all the pages, then this plugin is already enough.

But what if you will need to add another code for specific pages? This is needed to measure conversion like Google Adword conversion and remarketing code, or Facebook remarketing code. The plugin OH Header Footer can be a good answer to do this. It does not only give you opportunity to add javascript, but it also give you the advantage of adding CSS code.

Do you know any other plugin that allows you to add a code to header and footer? Share it below.